Spelljammer: The Green Bottle Trading Company

Adventure Log- Vundervar

Episode 13: Candy, Demons, Child trafficking. Oh my.

The company has sent us to the planet Vundervar. A small Germanic town plagued by their own troubles, as to be expected from simple peasants. Upon touching down outside of the town we made our way into the town proper to be deafened by the rabble and ruckus of peasants. To our awe they were attempting to burn a man at the steak for "stealing" children. Preposterous if you ask me. He was a learned man, their only qualified member for instruction in the higher points of life such as reading and arithmetic.  After convincing their captain of the guard to stave off the hoard of knuckle draggers and mouth breathers we further convinced them to let us handle the problem for a trade contract. Through a series of deliberate and fully thought out inquiries/questions we deduced that a candy maker just out of town might be responsible. We ventured out and questioned this conjurer of snacks and found her to be no real threat. After watching my companions stand around dumbfounded, I believe Smookle was muttering something, I came up with the brilliant plan to gather the children and use them as bait. After getting permission from the parents and using the inn as the grounds for our operation Smookle volunteered to disguise himself as a child and watch them as the night went on. Odd for a grown dwarf to volunteer for that sort of work but who am I to question? Shortly after nightfall the children adopted a zombified state and wandered into the forest where we followed. They made their way to the candy maker, Miss Sparklegem. Secreted underneath her wagon was a secret passage that lead deep into a rotten wooded area seemingly inside a cave. There was a child in the middle of a clearing doubled over in pain as we inquisitively watched with fascination. Shortly after our arrival she exploded in a crimson mist and standing there was a demon of an origin I was unfamiliar with. Seeing as how demons are lethal we opted in to combat to thwart this threat immediately. After engaging the demon started to create other demons via removing limbs and regenerating full new demons. Alas we were victorious thanks to my powerful magicks and were able to delve deeper into this weird forested cave. Inside we found Miss Sparklegem conversing with Haelthezu, the demon whom stole fuzzy's knob. Long story short they were creating these demons by giving the children this magical candy she was making. We initiated dialog and came to the agreement to help them gather children to create more demons. We had better not tell Bartholemew…I am for sure we would all get written up.

-Kevin Jack


You do realize that this paperwork is filed in my office on the ship…and that I read all of it, Kevin? I’m preparing your write up, if you’re going to break company policy at least do a better Job of hiding it! -Bartholomew

Adventure Log- Vundervar
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