Spelljammer: The Green Bottle Trading Company

Adventure Log: Shenyar

Episode 14: Early Retirment

Finally it seems as if the company has got their affairs in order and we were sent to the planet of Shenyar within the Phadak sphere, it's about time that we had a job without months of useless travel time, after this adventure I've realized just how precious time really is…..your whole life can slip away from you in the blink of an eye, sometimes literally. The party awaited my return with the new intern, some elderly gnome who was as annoying as he was useless. I wish the company would give us adventurers that would actually add something to the group instead of wasting our time and being inattentive fools. With the new intern in tow we set off to Shenyar, this was not to be a contractual mission instead we were to investigate and help remove a strange tower that had appeared outside of town. The town itself was fairly well mannered, a bit dank, but well mannered none the less…with the exception of a wizard who was buy peoples secrets and selling them to demons, I of course didn't partake in this and made a mental note to come back and shoo the wrong doer off after we were done, as long as we had the time. After a short meeting with the town mayor and a quick stop by the local tavern to gather a guide for the trip we headed off towards the mysterious tower. As we were leaving town a strange young boy began to accompany us, he jumped on the druid and started riding him, I of course attempted remove the boy from the bear formed druid….he then pulled a sword on me and things escalated. In the end it was actually the new intern Basil…..the doofus seemed to think I was just going to know that he changed himself into a child…and for whatever reason pulled arms on me first instead of telling me…please, if anyone at the corporate office is reading these reports, these interns are unacceptably stupid, get it together. After that debacle we continued on to the tower. I attempted to knock…Fuzzy decided to do some breaking and entering. The tower was filled with all manner of puzzles…many of which were easy to understand, as long as you weren't an intern…they seems to have no idea how to solve anything. The worst of these rooms contained four clockwork golems of some kind, the room itself was a large clock and we could only damage the creatures when the hand of the clock was facing them…they however could damage us at all times, with the added effect of stealing YEARS of our lives with each hit, I lost nearly forty years from only a few attacks….Basil was of course useless in the combat, even after repeated instruction he still failed to grasp the VERY simple puzzle and continued to attack invincible golems. After a few more puzzle rooms we awoke in a medical room, our youth returned, and were given audience with the master of this tower, a member of a group called The Crimson Clergy,  time mages of great power. They informed me of the parties previous actions, the pact with Ms.Sparklegem and turning children into demons with her candy….I wrote up everyone involved immediately. The Crimson Clergy wish for us to undo our wrong doing and help save the sphere from the evil we've unleashed, I of course am going to do everything in my power to help them, not only is it the right thing to do but we don't need the GBTC getting a bad name but doing such vile deals. After everything was sorted we returned to town and struck a fresh deal with the mayor to help them unload some of their excess trees at no cost to them, this is the most lucrative trade deal we've managed and as such I've elected to stay on the planet and oversee it along with Fuzzy and the new idiots…I mean interns….Gods help us. Before the party left us I had them assist me in running off the secret purchasing, demon worshiping, evil wizard, he to my dismay, evaded our capture, disappearing to another plane once we became hostile. I doubt he'll be back, but if he does return I'll be here waiting. 

-Bartholomew J. Crawford III


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